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Black Tea

Quality Indonesian Black Tea for healthy life

Our black tea is processed with two different methods either Orthodox or CTC (crushing, tearing, curling). The orthodox method begins with withering, rolling, fermentation (enzymatic oxidation), drying, and sorting. This method is carried out in order to produce tea in form of tea leaves.

The CTC process is done through the same steps as orthodox method but with shorter withering duration around 8-11 hours. The CTC method is usually used to produce tea in form of tea bags. Our Orthodox and CTC black tea has many different grades like Broken Pecko, Fanning, Dust, etc. The full list with details can be seen in our product catalog. 


ISO 9001 ; 2000
ISO 22000 : 2005
Rain Forest Alliance (RA)
UTZ Certified
Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)
SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia)
Halal Certificate

Available Format:

Loose Leaf Tea
Tea Bag

Container Shipping:

1 FCL 20 ft = 200 paper sacks
1 FCL 40 ft = 400 paper sacks


Paper Sack

L x W x H : 112 cm x 72 cm x 18 cm
Thickness : 20 – 20.5 cm
Aluminium foil/Kraft Laminate – inner ply
High Performance Kraft – middle ply
Wet Strenght – outer ply